The future of Earth is within us.
26-27 03/2024 HÍPICA Santo Amaro

About ESG Land The future of Earth is within us.

One land where landers will have the opportunity to present impactful performance for a better future of the planet. Landers are all participants in this ecosystem: companies - public and private -, community representatives, NGOs, startups, professional organizations, governments, and other stakeholders who mobilize around the issue.

Every land has its flag and passport. Similarly, there are no borders for the initiative. ESG Land can happen in different places in Brazil and the world. The use of information and technology will serve to expand this space, which can be physical, virtual, or immersive.

The objective is to increasingly disseminate the ESG agenda through practices that demonstrate care for the environment, social issues, and governance. To support the legacy that we want to leave to impact society and the planet.

ESG Land also deals with topics such as disruptive technologies, capital markets, or public policies of the country and abroad. Knowledge and actions that can contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive, and transparent future, as well as generate connections, promote discussions, and exchange experiences among participants.

Every landor will be able to show their contribution through experiences and practices, making the space an offer for perceptions of the ESG universe.

Let's go together!
Where the world
is heading, businesses
are heading


Introduced in 2004 in the publication "Who Cares Wins", the term ESG, for Environmental, Social, and Governance, referring to the best environmental, social, and governance practices of companies. Is being driven worldwide by the global market, especially by major international investors, funds, and banks.

More than 20 institutions participated in this initial movement, including representatives from Brazil. Organizations were convinced, almost two decades ago, that in a globalized, connected, and competitive world, adopting ESG practices was important.

All the events of recent years regarding the climate issue and the crisis that the world has been facing provide an urgent need for a broad debate, an opportunity to change the existing model for true transformation.


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